Know the Law: 7 Things All Expats Need to Know About Drinking Alcohol in UAE

For expat locals and travelers checking out the UAE, it is necessary to know the local laws relating to alcohol intake to prevent being fined as well as imprisoned.

Here’s a look at a few of the most crucial legal elements associated with consuming alcohol in the nation.

Do Not Do It in Public

The very first thing you need to bear in mind is that it is unlawful to consume in the street or in a public place in the UAE. Public drinking is strictly forbidden.

There are certified dining establishments and bars connected with hotels where one can consume. There are designated shops from where license-holders can acquire alcohol. It is essential to obtain a license because there are opportunities one might get detained if reported or found intoxicated. Laws for consuming use to both citizens and travelers in the UAE.

No Tolerance to Driving Under the Influence

Driving under the influence of alcohol or in a drunk state in UAE is a criminal activity. This is because the drugs impact your judgment, coordination, and capability to drive.

The UAE has a zero-tolerance policy in place concerning DUI. In Dubai, 14.33 percent of crashes are triggered by motorists who were under the influence of alcohol. Check out this website for further details about Law.

The modified federal traffic law entered the impact on July 1, 2017. The brand-new policies intend to even more safeguard the lives of roadway users and minimize traffic casualties from about 6 per 100,000 people to 3 per 100,000 according to Vision 2021.

It Isn’t Simply ‘Great’

Vehicle drivers captured blending driving with drinking will get an optimum fine of Dh20,000 and/ or a prison term to be chosen by the court, 23 black points and confiscation of the vehicle for 60 days.

The motorist might also be jailed under Article No. 59.3 of the law on driving under the influence of alcohol or other narcotic or the like.

Extra charges including enactment of acquired steps by the court might consist of a suspension of driving license for a duration not less than 3 months and not going beyond 2 years.

The penalty for a person captured intoxicated or drinking without an alcohol license consists of jail time for a duration of 6 months or a fine of Dh5,000 or both. This is according to the UAE Alcohol Law of 1972.

At the Office

Intake of alcohol at the office is a major issue that has the possibility to trigger severe damage to other employees. If the staff member is found under the influence of alcohol or drugs throughout working hours, the company deserves to dismiss the employee without previous notification.

Duty-Free Limitations on Arrival In Dubai

The quantity ought to not surpass 4 liters of liquors, or 2 containers of beer (each including 24 cans, not surpassing 355ml for each can or its comparable). Guests need to be above 18 years of age for bringing permitted cigarettes or liquors into the nation.

Ways to get alcohol license in Dubai.
Non-Muslim citizens of Dubai can purchase or take in alcohol if they have an alcohol license. To acquire it, you need to be:

• . More than 21 years of age

• . Have a home visa

• . Must not be a Muslim

• . Must have a minimum regular monthly wage of at least Dh3,000.

Ways to Use

The application is readily available online on African + Eastern or Maritime and Mercantile International alcohol store sites. Paper copies of the kind are also offered at the shops.

The candidate must fill the type and go back to the store with the following essential files:

• Copy of passport, resident visa, and occupancy agreement.

• Copy of labor agreement provided by the ministry (in Arabic and English).

• Salary certificate.

• Passport size photos.

• Fee payment of Dh270 or whatever relevant from time-to-time.

Usually, it would take about 2 weeks to process an application for a license. If you wish to get a license through your company, the application must have the stamp and sign of both the company and the candidate.

If you are operating in a free zone, your company also needs approval from the free zone authority.

When it comes to self-employed people, the copy of trade license needs to be sent together with the application.

If a couple is searching for a license, just the hubby can use. The partner will be permitted to use if there is a NOC from her hubby.

If she is wed to a Muslim, a lady needs a composed authorization from her spouse for a license. The information of better half will be contributed to the card chip. After getting a license, the better half will be permitted to purchase alcohol without her spouse’s existence.

Single ladies can also look for a licence, and its credibility is one year.